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Welcome to F2170 Reports Concrete RH Risk Mitigation!

The ASTM F2170 standard for measuring relative humidity (RH) in concrete slabs requires a host of items be adhered to in order to ensure a proper RH measurement process has been performed. Flooring failures due to improper risk analysis and mitigation can lead to millions of dollars in unnecessary costs, and continues to plague those who perform inadequate testing, many times because of not conforming to the F2170 standard procedures and requirements.

This forum is dedicated to providing assistance to Engineers, Contractors, and dedicated moisture testing agencies. Or goals are to provide the information available to help ensure proper RH testing is performed while assessing a concrete slab for flooring failure risks associated with moisture in the concrete, and to provide a "certified" generated report that customers can rely on as being obtained through best practices methods.

Ultimate Simplicity - Let's help each other by sharing our experiences and ideas about proper methods and equipment to further promote our whole industry. With our shared knowledge, we should be able to further maximize our abilities to perform proper testing in the field.

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Open discussions on relative humidity testing. Ask questions and share field experience.


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xxRapidRH Smart Reader VS4 - Report Generation | 24 Apr 18

10:04:51 by lauren.goldman | Views: 1158 | Comments: 2

I recently got the Rapid RH Smart Reader VS4 and I am trying to print a report but the app on my IPad will only let me get the most recent numbers. I tried generating a report on but it is telling me that there is no data. How do I get the historical report with all of the readings on it and how do I get my online account to link with my IPad account?...

xxIs anyone using the Bluetooth Reader? | 14 Mar 18

10:32:22 by ArchFloors - Zach | Views: 1880 | Comments: 4

I just started using the Bluetooth Reader from Wagner and think it is and could be a great tool!

There are a few suggestion I would like to throw out there...

1. Sensor Map Background
a. This really needs to be high resolution - I'm trying to upload a 32" x 40" PDF Floor Plan and it cuts off on the sides and the resolution starts to get bad when you zoom in. We are placing probes across a 70,000 SF floor plan and without the ability to zoom into areas where you place a sensor then it get very limited.
b. Accept PDF format as a uploadable file type. Everything in construction is run off PDF

2. Can this be made shareable across devices? (ie.. one login between multiple users but sharing data) I have 6 crews that work for me and i can't upload individually into each phone the information I need them to have. if i could set a project up on my device and they were able to login and access that project it would be VERY efficient. Maybe an Admin (Project Manager - can modify the project) and User (Reader - Take readings and send reports) type setup.
3. A desktop version? - This is in addition to #2 but basically a desktop version were we can create a project on a computer and have that link to a phone in the field. Also, be able to place sensor on the computer.

I'm pushing this device here at our office in Houston and working with our local supplier (PFS) to get everyone set up but these items are big limitations for what we could use this for.


xxWhat is the significance of the thesis writing? | 06 Jan 18

02:57:27 by DinaHaines | Views: 2374 | Comments: 3

First, you can reflect the author's general idea. The outline is a kind of logic chart composed of the sequence code and the text, which is a writing design drawing that helps the author to consider the logic composition of the whole article. The advantage is that the author is easy to grasp the overall structure of the essay, the level clear, focused, concise, at a glance.
Second, echoes the essay. There is a synopsis that can help us to establish a global perspective. Starting from the whole, we examine the role of each part, the role it plays and whether there is any logical connection between each part. After such considerations and preparation, the structure of the essay can be unified and complete; this serves well the content of the essay.
Third, it will be conducive to timely adjustment and avoid big rework. The author's thinking activity is very active in the research and writing of the dissertation, some obscure materials, materials that appear to be irrelevant to the dissertation, familiar and thoughtful, often lead to new associations or new ideas, If you do not seriously write the outline, the pen will be disturbed by this phenomenon, had to stop pens to rethink, or even overthrow has been written from scratch; This will not only increase the workload, but also greatly affect the emotional writing . Graduation thesis outline as a blueprint for the project, as long as the synopsis thoughtful rigorous before the sentence, spend more time and effort, and make a solid, you can form a clear, logical essay framework to avoid unnecessary rework. In addition, the students who wrote the essay first put their ideas into the outline first, and then ask others or approach online writing services like custom essay writing service to look at others. When viewed by others, they could easily make some suggestions for amendment and supplementation so that they could be effectively guided. ...

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