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F2170Reports worked fine on the first demo.


I received my DataMaster last week and it took only 30 minutes to 1 hour to master how to use it. I ran some demo sensors to see how everything responded and I must say it came off flawlessly just as the directions said it would. I then removed the SD card from the DataMaster and inserted into my laptop SD port. I was able to upload all the information on all the sensor demos perfectly. The first box chart was great; the second graph chart was even better. Printable in PDF format and easy to use; available in other formats as well including Excel. What a time saver this thing is. The only thing the DataMaster does not do is tell you where you drilled the hole; you still must use graph paper for that. But that is a welcome trade-off for the ease, performance, and speed. You can read the sensors and go from hole to hole. No more recording the data on a job site.

My suggestion is to FIRST read the Start-Up Guide, then read the enclosed directions thoroughly. Use a pen cap as your stylus to toggle the icons. Off to the races after that. This is a HUGE...HUGE...HUGE time-saver in doing 2170 testing. Well worth the investment.


I have recently bought DataMaster but i can't understand how to use it. My friend told me to bought it online, it is very helpful for me and also i can make professional assignment through this. But when i got it, i am confused. Can you please help me out or can you share any youtube link.


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