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Wagner Certified stamp on reports


I recently used the new Data Master and really love the ease of use and reports.  I have used it on three different jobs now and all state they are not certified by Wagner Meters.  In reading about this I can only find that this would be the case if the sensors are out of date.  I have ordered packs of 25 from two different suppliers within the past 30 days and both show up this way on the reports.  It is hard to believe they are already out of date.  How can I tell if the sensors are out of date and ensure I receive new sensors in the future?  I've already had three different clients ask about this on the report.  It's hard to convince people it's a legit test with this stamped on the report.  Please advise?  Thanks


Sorry for the delay.  The way to verify sensors you purchase are within their calibration window, look at the NIST traceable certificate of calibration that comes with each pack of sensors.  This should be at the bottom of each package you purchase.  There will be a two year span listed on the bottom.  As far as the "certified" portion on the f2170reports, this is option is temporarily unavailable.  We are working on an issue that was identified recently and hope to have it back online shortly.  Sorry for any inconvenience.



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