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General Discussion / Is anyone using the Bluetooth Reader?
« on: March 14, 2018, 10:32:22 AM »
I just started using the Bluetooth Reader from Wagner and think it is and could be a great tool!

There are a few suggestion I would like to throw out there...

1. Sensor Map Background
a. This really needs to be high resolution - I'm trying to upload a 32" x 40" PDF Floor Plan and it cuts off on the sides and the resolution starts to get bad when you zoom in. We are placing probes across a 70,000 SF floor plan and without the ability to zoom into areas where you place a sensor then it get very limited.
b. Accept PDF format as a uploadable file type. Everything in construction is run off PDF

2. Can this be made shareable across devices? (ie.. one login between multiple users but sharing data) I have 6 crews that work for me and i can't upload individually into each phone the information I need them to have. if i could set a project up on my device and they were able to login and access that project it would be VERY efficient. Maybe an Admin (Project Manager - can modify the project) and User (Reader - Take readings and send reports) type setup.
3. A desktop version? - This is in addition to #2 but basically a desktop version were we can create a project on a computer and have that link to a phone in the field. Also, be able to place sensor on the computer.

I'm pushing this device here at our office in Houston and working with our local supplier (PFS) to get everyone set up but these items are big limitations for what we could use this for.


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