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This is the most common issue which unable you to access Linksys smart WiFi setup. In this, what happens is that the WiFi signal between your device and Smart WiFi router will drop or lost. There can be four prominent reasons for the same, and that includes:

Older version of the firmware.
Irregular Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) size.
Interference or signal lose due to multiple hinderances.
The signal strength of the WiFi signal is not up to the mark.

However, even after having the look at these reasons, you must have concluded that these all could be resolved and that too, with great ease.
If you have questions or need any assistance troubleshooting, just visit: | Google Wifi Support

Steps to be followed while installing Linksys extender re3000w are as given below:

1.   Firstly access linksys extender setup re3000w from CD by inserting CD into CD drive of your device.
2.   You will be prompted to window asking you for license key. Check the option of agreeing to the license and click on 'next' option.
3.   It will take a while to establish wireless connection with Linksys extender re3000w setup.
4.   At that time if you had not powered on Linksys extender then window that will be pop-up will show you error and display "We can't set up your wireless connection". You have to click on 'next' option.
5.   Meanwhile you have to put your Linksys extender on power. Window will be pop-up saying "Plug your Extender into an Electrical outlet". You have to click on 'next' option.
6.   Now you have to just follow the simple instructions given on your screen and have to click on "Next" option.
7.   Now your Linksys range extender re3000w setup is complete. You can place your WiFi extender at wherever you want.

If you have questions or need any assistance troubleshooting, just visit:
Setting Up Google Wifi

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